1945 - 1948





The SEDICHAR Grouping was raised at Laeken near Brussels,on April 21 1945.

The official name was "Service de Distribution du Charbon" SEDICHAR (French),
 or "Service voor Koolen Verdeling" SEKOVER (Dutch),
which means Service for the Distribution of Coal.

The Grouping was composed of
Staff Company
Technician Battalion
2 SEDICHAR Battalions.

Each SEDICHAR Battalion was composed of
Staff Section
3 Companies.

Gent, February 1946. Staff 1st SEDICHAR Battalion - 2nd Company.
The second from the left, frontline, is the commanding officer of the 2nd Company, Senior Captain GOETHALS.

The SEDICHAR Grouping consisted of 113 officers, 540 NCO's and 2.111 men.

The main task of the SEDICHAR grouping was controlling the distribution of coal.

Priority was given to the Allied troops, the Belgian National Railroad Company,
the cokes ovens and the electricity plants.

1946, Brugge, Town Detachment of the 1st SEDICHAR Battalion - 2nd Company.
The officer on the left is the Detachment Commander, 1st Lieutenant BRYSSE.

The SEDICHAR Grouping was disbanded on July 1 1948.

During its 3 years the SEDICHAR Grouping controlled daily more then 3.500 railroadwaggons.

The Grouping seized more then 300.000 tons of coal that were unlawfully obtained.

More then 1.000.000 tons of coal were also recuperated from industrial plants
and from civilians who received the coal without the adequate authorisation.

Pay Book from Private VAN HECKE.

Commanding Officer
Lieutenant-Colonel GODEFROID




The SEDICHAR Grouping had no proper formation badge, but they had their own arm title.

"SEDICHAR" and "SEKOVER" were worn.

Two versions existed.

White capital letters on a khaki background, and red capital letters on a black background.

The arm title was worn on both sleeves.

White SEDICHAR on khaki background. White SEKOVER on khaki background
Red SEDICHAR on black background. Red SEDICHAR with red border on black background.
variant variant with yellow border.


Private VAN HECKE from the 1st SEDICHAR Battalion wearing the Arm Title.   Detail of the SEDICHAR Arm Title.



While on control service the men of the SEDICHAR Grouping wore
 a red-white armband with a winged railroadwheel superposed.

Sedichar armband. The winged railroad wheel.
Private VAN HECKE on a control mission, wearing the armband. Detail of the armband.
One can see, vaguely, the winged railroad wheel.



Belgian Rank Insignia were worn.

No "BELGIUM" title was worn on the left sleeve because the "SEDICHAR" title was worn.

The Belgian National Colours were worn on the right sleeve, under the "SEDICHAR" title.

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