1944 - 1946





Not much is known concerning the Army Chaplains during the period September 1944 end 1946.

After the liberation of Belgium, September 1944, many priests and monks volunteered for chaplain.

Almost each fuselier battalion, infantry battalion, and most of the other units received a catholic chaplain.

Protestant and jewish chaplains were also enlisted but they delivered their services
from a centralized structure.

Weiden, shooting range,  april 1946
chaplain of the 2nd Battalion 4th Infantry Brigade "STEENSTRAETE".

Chaplain VAN PUYMBROUCK, 29th Fuselier Battalion.

The chaplains were enlisted as non-combattant military.

They provided religious and social help for all military.

In many units it was the chaplain who arranged a safety net for the soldiers after duty hours.

The chaplains depended from the Ministry of Defence but for religious affairs
the catholic chaplains depended from the college of Belgian bishops presided by cardinal Van Roey
and the prostestant and jewish chaplains from their respective religious authority.





The chaplain wore the formation badge worn of the unit to whom he was assigned.



At first red woven insignia were worn on the collars of the battle dress blouse.

Protestant Chaplain
red collar badge
Jewish Chaplain
 red collar badge

With the Dress Regulations of May 1945 the colour red was changed into white.

Catholic chaplains were provided with white embroidered insignia,
but as there were very few protestant and jewish chaplains, they started to wear metal insignia.

Protestant Chaplain
metal collar badge
Jewish Chaplain
 metal collar badge (unfinished)

It is possible that white embroidered insignia have existed for the protestant and jewish chaplains,
but I found no proof of existence.

There existed Catholic chaplains 1st and 2nd class.

The Catholic chaplain 1st class wore a white bar beneath the roman cross.

Catholic Chaplain 1st Class
woven white badge
Catholic Chaplain 1st Class


Catholic Chaplain
metal badge
Catholic Chaplain 1st Class
with metal crosses

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