The 3rd Infantry Brigade "RUMBEKE" was raised on March 12 1945.

From March 21 1945 until March 29 1945 the entire brigade was shipped
and tranported to Northern Ireland.

Seamont, Northern Ireland, June 1945.
Officers and NCO's of the 3" mortar Platoon 3rd Battalion 3rd Infantry Brigade"RUMBEKE"
Death card of sergant PIERART
deceased on September 6 1945
at the Military Hospital at Moira.

Following military camps were occupied by the 3rd Infantry Brigade :
White Abbey (Headquarters)

The entire brigade underwent a thorough training

November 1945,Knokke, Belgium.
Colonel VAN DEN EYNDE receives the brigade flag.
  Hornsea, England, where elements of the 3rd Infantry Brigade "RUMBEKE"
stayed until the return to Belgium, end of September 1945.

From September 3 1945 the 3rd Infantry Brigade "RUMBEKE" left Northern Ireland for the United Kingdom
where they stayed until the end of September.

The brigade returned to Belgium where they were billeted at the Belgian coast until the departure for Germany.

Werdohl, Germany, May 1946
Men of the 2nd Battalion 3rd Infantry Brigade "RUMBEKE"
Werdohl, Germany, May 1946
RP of the 3rd Infantry Brigade "RUMBEKE",
with "RP" armband and formation badge on his right sleeve.


The 3rd Infantry Brigade "RUMBEKE" took part at the occupation of Germany
 until it returned to Belgium on May 21 1946.

The 3rd Infantry Brigade "RUMBEKE" was disbanded on December 1 1948.

Commanding Officers :
Colonel VAN DEN EIJNDE from the start until February 26 1946
Colonel DE SMEDT from February 27 1946 until December 31 1946
Colonel WANTY from January 1 1947 until disbandment.






A first formation badge was realised by the 3rd Infantry Brigade "RUMBEKE" in Northern Ireland.

A yellow heradic lion, facing to the left, in front of a scarlet captal "R".
Beneath the lion a green shamrock, the symbol of Ireland.
The whole on a black shield.

1st Formation Badge of the 3rd Infantry Brigade "RUMBEKE"   2nd Formation Badge of the 3rd Infantry Brigade "RUMBEKE"
Version with the yellow shamrock

By decree of the Belgian Minister of Defense, issued on June 15 1945, all the infantry brigades
had to wear a more uniform badge.

The 2nd formation badge contained the same symbols, but more rationalised.

The badges from the first delivery had a yellow shamrock (!!!) but nobody seemed to matter
until the commanding officer of the 4th Infantry Brigade wrote a letter to the Minister of Defense
explaining that it was impossible to wear this badge in Northern Ireland without being ridiculised.

All brigades, except the 4th Infantry Brigade "STEENSTRAETE",
received a second delivery with the correct shamrock.

Lapel Badge worn on civilian clothing

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