Each Infantry Brigade had its own Field Ambulance, but there was also a permanent medical detachment,
a Field Hospital, stationed at Moira, Northern Ireland.

The Field Hospital was constructed by the US Army and consisted of Nissen huts connected by gangways.

Commanding Officer, Major MD BORREMANS, with some nurses.   Nurse and patient in reconvalescence unit.

The Field Hospital was well equipped and had a Operation Floor.

More severe cases were transferred to the Military Hospital at Belfast.

Moira, general view on the Belgian Field Hospital.

During the period that the Belgian Field Hospital at Moira was active
 more then a thousand soldiers were hospitalised and treated.

Once the 6th Infantry Brigade "Deynze" left Northern Ireland
the Medical Detachment also left Northern Ireland, and was disbanded.

Commanding Officer :
Major Medical Doctor BORREMANS.





A shield divided in two parts.
In the left upper part a white Irish gate on a green background.
In the right lower part a yellow snake on a looking-glass, i.e. the reknown medical symbol,
on a amaranth background.

There also exists a formation badge without the medical symbol.

Formation Badge of the Belgian Medical Detachment   Formation Badge without the medical symbol


When the Medical Detachment was disbanded the nurses created a souvenir badge
that was only distributed between them.

A man in regional clothing jumping over a white gate.
Above the inscription "J'ai saute la barrière" which means "I jumped over the enclosure".
The whole on a dark green and light green background.

Souvenir badge of the nurses


 Second Lieutenant Nurse BLY Monique

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