The ENSA saw daylight in 1939.

The Armed Forces remained responsible for the the organization, control and finance of the entertainments.

The ENSA provided the artists and the entertainment.

The first ENSA concert was given at Old Dene Camp, Camberley, on September 10, 1939.

Many famous artists, such as dame Vera Lynn, worked for ENSA and travelled around the globe,
entertaining the Allied Troops.

After the Liberation of Belgium, in September 1944, Cyril Berlin, a well known British impressario,
became the ENSA director for Begium.

Belgian ENSA artists working at the recording studio in Brussels, Belgium.

10 Belgian artists troupes were raised.

Until 1946 they travelled through liberated Europe and gave many performances for the Allied Troops.

ENSA Program leaflet.





When not performing, the Belgian ENSA troupes wore a Battle Dress.

As a sign of recognition the ENSA arm title was worn on both sleeves.

White "ENSA" on a black curved background.

No other badges or insignia were worn by the Belgian ENSA troupes.

ENSA Arm Title


Belgian artists rehearsing. The male artist weres the ENSA Arm Title on his Battle Dress blouse.


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