The Fuselier Brigades were raised on initiative of the Belgian Government in 1945.

They had merely an administrative role and their task was limited to assuring the liaison
between the Belgian Authorities and the Fuselier Battalions at the disposal of the Allied Command.

Each Fuselier Brigade had 3 Fuselier battalions under his administrative command.

16 Fuselier Brigades were formed between December 12 1944 and August 2 1945.

They were disbanded between October 21 1945 and June 8 1946.

Following Fuselier Brigades were formed :
10 - 22
26 - 28

14th Fuselier Brigade "ANTWERPEN"
Sergeant STOFFERIS of the 27th Fuselier Battalion

The Fuselier Brigades were under the authority of the Supreme Command of the Fuselier Brigades.

The Supreme Command was formed on October 1 1945 and disbanded on June 30 1946.

Commanding officer :





Beginning 1945 a prototype badge was made with the intention of providing the 11th Fuselier Brigade
with this badge as it was one of the first brigades to be raised.

The badges consisted of a yellow heraldic lion, facing to the left, on a black shield with red border.

For a unknown reason the project was abandoned.

On June 15 1945 a Ministerial Decree instituted the formation badges of the Fuselier Brigades.

All had a yellow heraldic lion, facing to the left, on a scarlet shield.

Each Fuselier Brigade recieved the name of a battlefield, in Belgium, from WW1 or WW2.

The first letter of the name was included in the Formation Badge,
together with the number of the Fuselier Brigade.

Two exceptions.

- The 11th Fuselier Brigade received no badge because the brigade
was transformed into the 6th Infantry Brigade on June 10 1945 .

A prototype is known to have been made.

- The 15th Fuselier Brigade who received the name "Resistance - Weerstand",
because most of the men  incorporated in the Fuselier Battalions
of the Fuselier Brigade " Resistance - Weerstand" came from the Resistance.

The Fuselier Brigades 26 - 28 received no name of a town, and had no formation badge either.

The Formation Badges were woven, but some varieties existed.

The men of the 17th Fuselier Brigade "Haelen" also wore a shoulder title "Haelen".


10th Fuselier Brigade "CORTEMARCK"   11th Fuselier Brigade "DIKSMUIDE"
Prototype, never worn.
  12th Fuselier Brigade "LIÈGE"
13th Fuselier Brigade "NAMUR"   14th Fuselier Brigade "ANTWERPEN"   15th Fuselier Brigade
16th Fuselier Brigade "HAELEN"   17th Fuselier Brigade
  18th Fuselier Brigade "WESTROOSEBEKE"
19th Fuselier Brigade "PASSCHENDALE"   20th Fuselier Brigade "ERTVELDE"   21st Fuselier Brigade "ARDENNES"
22nd Fuselier Brigade "RAPENBURG"   17th Fuselier Brigade "HAELEN"
embroidered version, left & right
17th Fuselier Brigade "HAELEN"
Arm Title


Fuselier GOVAERE Joris.
24th Fuselier Battalion - 13th Fuselier Brigade "NAMUR".
Fuselier of the 57th Fuselier Battalion
21st Fuselier Brigade "ARDENNES".


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