1944 - 1945




The 2nd Fuselier Battalion was raised in Gent, Belgium, on October 11 1944.

On december 12 1944 the battalion came under the operational command of the 21st Army Group.

After 2 months of guard duties it took up defensive positions along the Southern bank of the Waal river,
in the vicinity of Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


March 1945, somewhere near the Waal river, the Netherlands.
The staff of the 4th Company.


April 1945.
A defensive position near the Waal river, the Netherlands.


During the defensive operations the battalion suffered 8 deaths and 25 wounded.

On May 20 1945 the battalion returned to the camp of Brasschaat, near Antwerpen, Belgium,
where it was to be transformed into the 2nd Battalion of
the 6th Infantry Brigade "DEYNSE".

March 1945, Dreumel, the Netherlands.
A section of the 2nd Fuselier Battalion prepares for a patrol into enemy held territory.


Commanding officers :
Lieutenant-Colonel GENONCEAUX until half March 1945
Major LISON from half March 1945.



Because the 2nd Fuselier Battalion was assigned to the 1st Canadian Army,
the battalion was allowed to wear the formation badge of the 1st Canadian Army.

It consists of a dark blue stripe across the centre of a scarlet diamond.


Printed   Felt
Belgian workmanship


During the months of March and April 1945 the men of the 2nd Fuselier Battalion wore,
without authorization, the formation badge of the British 49th (West Riding) Division.

They had to remove the badge, and were strictly forbidden to wear it again.

Formation Badge of the British 49th Division
It was the printed version that was worn by the men of the 2nd Fuselier Battalion



Lapel Badge worn on civilian clothing


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